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Benefit Special Needs and Preemie Groups (Updated May 31)

Unlocking Autism is checking back with some 175 families it served after Katrina to make sure they have what they need for their family to "function with some normalcy," says Nancy Cale, VP. "We are also anticipating the upcoming hurricane season, and would appreciated any help your website could give!" Contact Nancy H Cale, 770.463.4475 home office, 866.366.3361 UA Office, at Email

Capi A. Landreneau, Director of Program Services at the Louisiana March of Dimes (12015 Justice Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA 70816; Ph: 225.295.0655; Fax: 225.295.0677; e-mail needs new clothes for preemies and newborns, especially 0-6 months; new maternity clothes size large and X-Large; and pack and plays. New baby clothes are always helpful to moms, Capi says, and preemie clothes are helpful because many of the moms do not have baby clothes purchased "and if they do, they are too big. We have maternity clothes, but very often what we have is too small for the women (mostly medium). We use the pack and play for incentives for moms to be to attend all 6 of our educational series - they are multi-purpose and easily transportable as many of these women are not permanently housed."

And the Mississippi chapter of the March of Dimes having another baby shower on November 16, with some 300 moms expected. All sorts of baby stuff is needed. Please contact Lynda Buntyn at the MS March of Dimes at

If you know of any organizations still waging this fight for preemies and special-needs kids, or who are preparing for a new hurricane season, please let me know.

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