SPREADING THE WORD: I have been invited to speak at next August's Preemie-l conference in Colorado. Keep you posted. Conversely, the e-zine about relationships, is slated to run the essay "What I Mean By That" in their February issue.


july survey: Donna, When I was 10 years old, I was wading in the Gulf of Mexico (can't remember which beach, though) and something very large bumped into my leg. It was smooth and definitely not human. I freaked out and went running back to shore. I have always been afraid of sharks even when wading and that cemented my fear....and I'm 31 years old! After hearing about the little boy being bit last week, I must say I was very surprised to hear that there are quite a few shark bites in Florida every year.

july survey Girlcook The time my sister almost drowned me under the guise of teaching me to swim, or perhaps it was showing off how she could drag me across a pool without drowning me. It's true that she managed to keep my head above water (just barely) but I can still recall the sensation of chlorinated water slamming up into my nostrils.

july survey: Lori There are two actually. The first is when I went camping with my dad. We had a boat and I was tubign behind the boat fell off adn got caught underneath the tube and couldnt find my way up. The second time was when Jas was at the pool with me and didnt have his little water wings on and then decided to jump in. I had to swim across the pool to drag him out!

JUNE SURVEY: What's your favorite TV show ever, and why? Respond here.

post on 7/20: FEEDBACK: From Dear Reader Kim: "Connor recently had a language moment. I served up some cereal, but it was not Cheerios, it was Kix. He thinks there should ONLY be Cheerios in the world, and ALWAYS served in the red bowl with built-in straw. He looked at his bowl of Kix and said clearly, 'Hell is this?' I'm trying to blame the Teletubbies, but nobody buys it ..." FEEDBACK: From Dear Reader Kristin: "(One of) your latest essays bothered me more than I can express. The lack of communication in companies nowadays is appalling and the fact that it's come out in the form of bothering a busy Dad with stupid questions is inexcusable. Why should you have to explain why you feel Alex is High Needs? She couldn't take five minutes and look at your site? Any one who can read could see where you're coming from, which should probably give us all an idea of who you were dealing with."

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