Funding Sources

First, this page is a work in progress. If you know of other good sources of funding, or if you find anyone listed here is a deadend, please let me know.

Corporate America seems to be on a binge of giving, which the banners of corporate Web sites sometimes term "Community," "Community Involvement," "Community Relations," "Social Responsibility," "Social Initiatives," "Local Support," "Foundations," "Contributions," "Charitable Donations," "Giving," "Grants," and the like.

Some of these companies are gigantic if not global, and it'll probably take a lot of paper and time to get them to contribute to your group. Others deal only with specific geographic areas or causes. The best initial advice is, be patient and diligent.


The best way to start any overwhelming project is with a cup of coffee and some advice. I'm out of coffee, but these sites offer primers on getting your funding campaign off the ground.

Michael Stein's Internet Strategies for Non-Profits.

The Texas Cultural & Arts Network Non-Profit Toolkit.

The Idealist Toolkit and Resources for Organizations.

Child-Autism-Parent Cafe.

With a History of Supporting Autism/Special-Needs Services/Research

Barnes and Noble.

Autism Speaks Grants Program.

Ford Motor.

CVS Caremark.

Verizon Foundation.


General Motors.

Household Names

Wal-Mart Foundation.

Best Buy Foundation.

Office Depot.


Circuit City.


Rite-Aid Foundation.

By Area

eBay Foundation. Grants to non-profits in Silicon Valley, Calif.; Salt Lake City; Vancouver; and Omaha, Neb., areas. The majority of non-profit partnerships are initiated by eBay Foundation, which at this time doesn't accept unsolicited requests for funding. E-mail

Hallmark. For non-profits in Kansas City; Center, Texas; Columbus, Georgia; Enfield, Connecticut; Lawrence, Leavenworth, and Topeka, Kansas; Liberty, Missouri; and Metamora, Illinois.

Wells Fargo. States north and west of Kansas, plus Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Check map on site for details. Has also supported autism causes.

High Finance

JP MorganChase. Has supported special-needs housing.

Bank of America Foundation.

Wachovia Foundation.

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